As the producing organization of Women of Tibet, the EMMY® award winning PBS series, Frame of Mind Films, draws on a vast global pool of experienced and talented film and media professionals.  Their varied skills and expertise, time and energy ensure we succeed in creating innovative media that fosters individual and social awareness and transformation.  Like all independent production companies, our teams are made up of independent contractors who come together in a variety of ways depending on the needs of any given project.   Here are a few of the people who have worked with Frame of Mind Films during the past ten years.



Rosemary Rawcliffe 20160606

Rosemary Rawcliffe, Exec. Director/Senior Producer/Director

Founder of Frame of Mind Films, Rosemary Rawcliffe is an EMMY® award winning consultant and executive producer, producer, and director with more than 30 years of international experience in television, advertising, film, video, and theatrical production. A social entrepreneur, Rosemary is equally capable of managing both the creative and business aspects of a media production company.  Her strengths lie in her ability to successfully manage people, coordinate multiple projects, synthesize ideas into integrated concepts, and deliver the final production on time and on budget. As a humanitarian, she has a lifelong commitment to creating films that emphasize human rights and tell stories from the female perspective. When Rosemary moved to the United States from her native England, she founded Frame of Mind Films to continue her work in America and her passion for producing stories that bear witness to spirit, hope, and courage.


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Peter McCandless, Director of Photography

Peter McCandless is a Bay Area cinematographer with a long and varied list of film and video credits for broadcast television and theatrical release.  The recipient of two National Endowment of the Arts Awards, his films have been presented at major international film festivals including Sundance where his work Pool of Thanatos drew much favorable attention.  Peter has been the cinematographer on the EMMY® award winning Women of Tibet series.  Peter was also the cinematographer on the EMMY® award-winning documentary film Of Civil Rights and Wrongs: The Fred Korematsu Story and the controversial  The Bridge, a 2006 documentary film that tells the stories of individuals who committed suicide at the Golden Gate Bridge in 2004.  Peter’s current work includes Call of Life, the first feature-length documentary film to fully investigate the growing threat to Earth’s life-support systems from the loss of biodiversity.


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Holly Hine

Holly Hine, Associate Producer/Media Management

Holly Hine began working for Frame of Mind Films in January 2009 as Rosemary's Executive Assistant and Post Production Assistant.  She began studies in Fine Arts and in 2006 graduated from SF Academy of Art University with a BA degree in film editing.  Holly has worked in promotions for Filter Magazine, has interned with San Francisco Cinematheque, and after graduating from AAU, Holly moved to Los Angeles where she worked at Aspect Ratio, a Hollywood trailer house in their post production department. Holly returned to the Bay Area for two years to work with EMMY® winning Frame of Mind Films on the Women of Tibet documentary film series. She continues to work with the team remotely from various locations.


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Ethan Jones

Ethan Jones, Web Consultant

Ethan Jones is a Frame of Mind Films web consultant. After graduating from U.C. Berkeley with a degree in Engineering, Ethan founded Mortimer Smythe Designs, an Oakland based web design and development group.


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 Meet some of the creative talents we've called on in the past.
Our gratitude and good wishes go to our colleagues who have moved on to new career opportunities.


Catherine Butler Elizabeth Hartjens Linda Milks Deborah Ross Cynthia Zeiden




Sr Film Researcher




Title Design


Dist. Director/Prod.


Sienna Hernandez Sophia Chytry Miriam Telles Cat Nightingale Lencsi Angel June Zandona


Office Manager


Office Manager




Assistant Editor


Post Assistant


Second Camera

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Rosemary Rawcliffe
Exec. Director/Senior Producer/Director



Peter McCandless
Director of Photography



Holly Hine
Associate Producer/
Media Management



Mortimer Smythe Designs
Web Consultant





Catherine Butler,
Elizabeth Hartjens,
Linda Milks,
Deborah Ross,
Cynthia Zeiden,
Sienna Hernandez,
Sophia Chytry,
Miriam Telles,
Cat Nightingale,
Lencsi Angel,
June Zandona