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Rosemary Rawcliffe, Founder/CEO

Founder of Frame of Mind Films, Rosemary Rawcliffe is a social entrepreneur and an EMMY® award winning media consultant and executive producer.  As a senior producer and director with more than 30 years of international experience in television, advertising, film, video, and theatrical production,  Rosemary has established a wealth of expertise from which to guide the humanitarian aims of Frame of Mind Films.



Victor Vazquez

Victor Vazquez, Board Director

Victor Vazquez serves as Vice President and Senior Relationship Manager for Bank of San Francisco. Victor’s banking career spans more than two decades. He has held senior level roles at various organizations including Union Bank, Fifth Third Bank, & Wells Fargo Bank. Victor began his banking career at Home Savings of America while majoring in business management at University of California, Santa Cruz. Victor is passionate about community involvement. He is on the Board of Directors for La Raza Centro Legal, KQED Community Advisory Panel, and has served on various other boards. He is also involved with Latino legal organizations; San Francisco La Raza Lawyers Associations and California Rural Legal Assistance.



Sondra Alexander

Sondra Alexander, Director

Sondra Alexander brings a rare combination of business experience and creative insight to the board of Frame of Mind Films. As a California bay area designer and leading business owner, she is a business woman known for her integrity and creativity. An entrepreneur in the fashion and interiors industries since 1965, she has developed and launched several successful manufacturing & design businesses within the high fashion industry with product currently distributed worldwide.




Rosemary Rawcliffe


Victor Vazquez
Board Director


Sondra Alexander